The Social Development Secretariat (SDS) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) paid tribute to four distinguished retired directors for their outstanding contributions to both humanity and the progress of the secretariat.

Mrs. Justina Pawa, the former Acting Secretary and Director of Administration and Finance, alongside Mr. Aliyu Nahuche, who served as the Director of Planning Research and Statistics, were among those celebrated. Additionally, Mrs. Grace Awe, the former Director of Arts and Culture, and Mrs. Marie Ochuonu, the retired Director of Tourism, were also honored.

In a heartwarming ceremony organized by the SDS staff, the retirees were showered with heartfelt gifts and accolades, symbolizing gratitude for their combined 35 years of dedicated public service.

The newly inaugurated Mandate Secretary of the Secretariat, Mr. Ibrahim Masari, lauded the retirees for their three-and-a-half decades of unwavering commitment to serving the residents of FCT. He emphasized that the success of any administration is contingent upon the dedication and teamwork of its employees.

Masari, speaking at the event in Abuja on Wednesday, called for continued dedication to excellence, highlighting that teamwork and quality service delivery are essential for the betterment of the FCT Administration and its constituents.

He urged the staff to align with the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Tinubu, emphasizing the importance of providing top-tier social services across the six Area Councils of the FCT. “The success of any administration depends on the positive contributions of the workers. I, therefore, urge all the staff to continue to do their best. Let us do things that will speak well of the secretariat, especially in providing social services to the residents across the six Area Councils of the FCT,

Masari urged.He also extended his appreciation to the retired directors, commending them for their invaluable contributions to the secretariat’s success and expressing confidence in their continued legacy of service.