Transmission Company of Nigeria Reaffirms Commitment to Transparency

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has reasserted its dedication to transparency, accountability, and the provision of crucial services to Nigerians, according to Mr. Oyofo Sule, a consultant at TCN, during a press briefing held on Saturday in Abuja.

Addressing concerns arising from a report that alleged irregularities in the awarding of specific contracts labeled as emergencies, Sule emphasized the paramount importance of integrity in TCN’s operations. He underscored that TCN consistently upheld integrity in its endeavors.

Transparency and accountability remain fundamental values at TCN. The company has consistently upheld these principles to fulfill its mandate of meeting the needs of Nigeria’s vast population and ensuring the stability and resilience of the nation’s power infrastructure,” Sule stated.

Sule’s remarks were a response to allegations suggesting that certain contracts, classified as emergency contracts, were not awarded in accordance with established procurement guidelines.

He highlighted TCN’s unwavering commitment to meeting the expectations of the populace by ensuring the continuous supply of electricity across the nation. Emphasizing the criticality of TCN’s role in averting power breakdowns or collapses, Sule reiterated the company’s dedication to providing uninterrupted power supply to Nigerian citizens.

TCN understands its pivotal role in sustaining the country’s power infrastructure. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering essential services to the people of Nigeria while adhering to the highest standards of transparency and accountability,” Sule affirmed.

The consultant’s comments come amidst ongoing scrutiny and concerns raised regarding the procurement processes within TCN. The company’s proactive response aims to reassure the public of its commitment to ethical practices, operational integrity, and meeting the energy needs of the Nigerian populace.

As TCN navigates these allegations, its commitment to transparent practices and the delivery of vital services remains at the forefront of its operations, ensuring the continued stability of Nigeria’s power transmission network.

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