UK-based Nigerian ‘Yunusa Jibrin’ Develops AI Tool for Identifying Bandits, Seeks Government Collaboration

By Medinat - Editor
UK-based Nigerian 'Yunusa Jibrin' Develops AI Tool for Identifying Bandits, Seeks Government Collaboration

Yunusa Jibrin, a UK-based Nigerian, has pioneered the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool capable of identifying bandits and their hideouts in Nigeria. This breakthrough potentially heralds a new era of peace after years of battling terrorism in the country.

With a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Sussex, Jibrin shared that his innovative approach involved utilizing AI-driven image synthesis to generate visual representations of bandits in desert landscapes, complete with weaponry and vehicles. Employing a Vision Transformer (VT) model, his research achieved impressive accuracy in discerning terrorist elements within these synthesized images.

Expressing his commitment to supporting the Nigerian government in its fight against insecurity, Jibrin emphasized the necessity of leveraging technology for warfare against terrorist groups. He stressed the importance of integrating these advanced algorithms into the operational frameworks of the government to enhance security measures nationwide.

Jibrin, who hails from Gombe State, also led a team of researchers from the Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum in this endeavor. He underscored the significance of collaboration between academia and government agencies to combat the ongoing threats posed by insurgents.

Looking ahead, Jibrin expressed plans to formalize his findings and publish them, with the aim of integrating his AI tool into the government’s operational strategies. This collaborative effort holds promise for bolstering national security and fostering socio-economic development in Nigeria.

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