Valentine’s Day Dispute: Two Women Face Court Charges After Altercation Over Man

Court gavel

In a dramatic turn of events on Valentine’s Day, two women found themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as they were arraigned in a zonal Chief Magistrates’ Court in New Karu, Nasarawa State. Alice Odey, 27, and Blessing Onagbulum, 39, residents of New Nyanya, Karu, stood accused of breaching public peace, defamation of character, and causing harm.

The courtroom was witness to a charged atmosphere as both defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against them. Inspector Shehu Ndam, the Prosecutor, narrated the sequence of events leading to the arrest of the defendants on February 14. According to Ndam, the altercation erupted when Onagbulum accused Odey of snatching her former husband, while Odey countered with allegations of Onagbulum using supernatural means to diminish the man’s private parts.

As tensions escalated, the dispute turned physical, with Odey reportedly wielding a broken bottle and inflicting multiple wounds on Onagbulum’s head, jaw, and neck. In a retaliatory act, Onagbulum’s 16-year-old daughter allegedly intervened by striking Odey in the eye with a stone, further escalating the violence.

The charges brought against the defendants, including breach of peace, defamation of character, and causing harm, were cited under sections 113, 139, and 245 of the Penal Code, respectively.

Presiding over the case, Judge Godiya Bawa granted bail to the defendants, setting the bail amount at N100,000 each along with one surety each in like sum. The court proceedings were adjourned until March 15 for further deliberation on the matter.

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