Video: Rita Dominic Opens Up on Handling Criticism for Being Unmarried

Rita Dominic

Nollywood icon Rita Dominic has candidly addressed the challenges she faced as a high-profile unmarried woman in the public eye, shedding light on the scrutiny and criticism she endured prior to tying the knot in 2022.

During her speech at the Women of Valour International Women’s Day event in Accra, Ghana, Dominic reflected on the journey of navigating societal expectations and pressures surrounding marriage. She recounted being a subject of intense discussion on social media platforms, where her marital status became a topic of widespread speculation and commentary.

Speaking of her decision to wait until she found the right partner, Dominic remarked, “My story about finding love and ultimately marrying a man I love at an age that most Africans consider old was vigorously discussed, to my amusement, on social media pages.” She candidly addressed the pressures and negativity she encountered, particularly from those who questioned her choices and reminded her of her age.

Despite facing criticism and unsolicited advice, Dominic found solace in the overwhelming support and encouragement she received from women across Africa. However, she also acknowledged the resistance and judgment that persisted, particularly from individuals who sought to impose outdated cultural norms on her life choices.

Highlighting the importance of rejecting societal expectations and embracing personal autonomy, Dominic asserted, “No one deserves to be judged based on outdated social norms.” She urged individuals to break free from the constraints of external pressures and make decisions that align with their own values and desires.

Reflecting on her journey, Dominic emphasized the resilience she developed in the face of relentless questioning and scrutiny. “For years I was hounded with ‘When are you going to marry?’ ‘You are old,’ and I would brush it off,” she shared, underscoring her determination to stay true to herself despite societal pressures.

Ultimately, Dominic found love and happiness in her marriage to entrepreneur Fidelis Anosike in 2022. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-worth, resilience, and staying true to one’s convictions in the face of societal expectations.