Water supply project would assist 2.5 million people of Abuja

According to China, the Federal Capital Territory’s continuing water supply project will assist 2.5 million citizens.

The Greater Abuja Water Supply Project, which was launched in May 2021 and is being built by the Water Supply Division of CGC Nigeria Limited, is being co-financed by the Export-Import Bank of China and is being overseen by the Federal Capital Development Authority.

This information can be found in a paper that the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria delivered to our journalist on Thursday.

Four pipeline loops are to be built as part of the project, increasing the city’s water supply capacity by 480,000m3/d.

Upon completion, it will lessen water scarcity in 50 districts, benefiting an estimated 2.5 million residents,This project involves more than just improving the water is a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life in the Federal Capital Territory by giving its residents access to safe, dependable, and plenty of water. The project’s social advantages are intended to raise living standards, open up job possibilities, increase global competitiveness, and advance sustainable development.” The document stated .

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