We have turned Abuja to construction site – Wike

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In a recent statement, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, highlighted the significant strides made in transforming Abuja into a vibrant hub of development and progress. He commended the efforts of the Bola Tinubu administration in revitalizing the city and turning it into a construction site.

Mr. Wike noted that prior to the current administration, Abuja seemed stagnant, with little to no visible development activities. However, since assuming office, there has been a remarkable turnaround, particularly in infrastructure development, notably in road infrastructure.

“We can proudly say that we have turned Abuja into a construction site, which was not the case in the past eight years,” Mr. Wike emphasized.

He further underscored the FCT administration’s commitment to the Renewed Hope Agenda initiated by the Tinubu administration, which has yielded notable progress, particularly in enhancing security measures.

The minister lauded the efforts of security agencies, especially the police, in curbing the activities of criminal elements, leading to a significant reduction in insecurity within the city.

“We have given the police and other security agencies a lot of logistics support that have effectively helped them to perform their assignments. I can tell you that we have made tremendous progress in terms of arresting kidnappers,” he stated.

Mr. Wike outlined job creation, tourism, and agriculture as key priority areas for the FCT administration. He expressed readiness to collaborate with investors to foster the development of these sectors, thereby creating employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.

“Agriculture is key; security is key. If we are able to solve these problems, then we will be able to create a lot of jobs and attract investors. When the environment is secure, it boosts investor confidence,” he remarked.

In conclusion, Mr. Wike emphasized the administration’s dedication to fostering sustainable development and prosperity in Abuja. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, they aim to realize the full potential of the federal capital, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for its residents.

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