We Will Shut Down Universities Nationwide in 7 Days – SSANU, NASU

By Medinat - Editor
We Will Shut Down Universities Nationwide in 7 Days - SSANU, NASU

Mohammed Ibrahim, the President of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), has issued a stern warning alongside the Non-academic Staff Union of Education and Associated Institutions (NASU), declaring their intent to shut down universities across the country if their demands are not met within the next seven days.

In a statement made during an appearance on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics, Ibrahim revealed that the unions had given the Federal Government a seven-day ultimatum, commencing from Monday, to address their grievances. Failure to do so, he emphasized, would result in a complete strike action by the unions.

Ibrahim underscored the pivotal role played by non-academic staff members in university operations, asserting that a strike by these personnel would paralyze university activities nationwide. He elaborated, stating, “We are in charge of security, administration, medical services, hostels, electricity, and other crucial functions besides teaching. Once our members withdraw their services, no university in Nigeria can function effectively.”

Highlighting the dire circumstances faced by non-teaching staff, Ibrahim lamented the economic challenges experienced by members, including difficulties in accessing fuel, scarcity of food, and inadequate medical attention. He stressed that despite their indispensable contributions to the university system, non-academic staff had been marginalized and neglected.

Addressing the unions’ grievances, Ibrahim recalled previous strike actions in 2022 and the subsequent agreement reached with the government. However, he expressed disappointment over the government’s failure to fulfill its commitments, particularly regarding the payment of withheld salaries.

Ibrahim criticized the government’s selective treatment, noting that salaries of non-teaching staff were withheld while those of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) members were paid. He emphasized the urgency of resolving these issues within the stipulated seven-day period to avert a nationwide industrial action.

In conclusion, Ibrahim reiterated that the unions’ primary objective was not to disrupt academic activities but to ensure the welfare and rights of their members. He emphasized that prompt action by the government would forestall any need for further industrial action.

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