Why is Jabi Abuja, a good place to live in 2024?

Have you been wondering where Jabi is in Abuja ?

Have you been wondering how the environment is like and if it’s lovely to stay in?

Worry no more and let’s survey round Jabi Abuja.

Table of Contents

1. Overview & Study Area of Jabi Abuja

2. How living in Jabi looks like?

3. Exciting and Tourism Places in Jabi Abuja

4. Closest Bus Stops

5. Conclusion

Overview & Study Area of Jabi Abuja

Abuja as it’s known, is Nigeria’s administrative and political seat. Some of the popular areas in the city of Abuja include Wuse, Maitama, Garki, Gwarimpa, Jabi, Utako etc. One thing that is vivid is that Abuja is a purpose-built city, one of the wealthiest and fastest growing cities in Africa and the world.

Jabi is an affluent and popular area located in Phase 2 vicinity of Abuja Municipality. It is bordered by Kado in the north, Utako in the east, Dakibiyu to the south, Life Camp to the west and Gwarinpa to the north west. The city surrounds Jabi Lake, which serves as a recreational area for residents and visitors alike.

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Jabi is one of the popular areas in the country’s capital. Jabi is part of the phase 2 development plan of the city. This part of Abuja is mainly residential and is popular because of the presence of the Jabi Lake. Like most areas in the FCT, it has a good road network and an array of good real estate properties.The Jabi District is adjacent to Utako District, and about 13 minutes drive from the Central business district. The major roads that lead to Jabi include the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Obafemi Awolowo Way and Alex Ekwueme Street.

How living in Jabi looks like

Are you wondering whether Jabi Abuja is a good place to live?

Yes!! It is.

Jabi is a serene and developed district in phase 2 of Abuja. As one of the city’s primary retail, cultural and leisure centres, Additionally, outside of the inner city areas, It is among the most known and sought after neighborhoods in the capital.

Nearly all the amenities one would require can be found in Jabi: schools, banks, plazas, restaurants and hotels. For example, there’s the Utako Market (for buying groceries), Jabi Lake (for outdoor recreational activities), Jabi Mall (for all your shopping needs) and the Jabi Motor Park (to travel out of town).

Also, Getting houses in Jabi comes at affordable price depending on your taste and the area you wish to live in , as there are 2 areas to live in Jabi Abuja.

  1. The complex , duplex and serene environment
  2. The noisy and busy part of Jabi, where most commercial activities take place.

Available Property in Jabi Currently

Property TypeCount
Commercial Property23
Currently Available Property in Jabi Abuja.

Exciting and Tourism Places in Jabi Abuja.

The presence of the Jabi Garden

The Jabi Lake & Park

Jabi Boat Club

Jabi Lake Mall

Coco Cafe , Jabi

The Wood House and Bar, Jabi

Sandralia Hotel

Grand Cubana Hotel

Alot of lovely recreation centre in Jabi Abuja. Places you love to visit and hang out with your loved ones.

Closest Bus Stops

Jabi Central, Berger, Wuse, Zone 3, Wuse Market, Zone 4, Life Camp, Zone 7, Area 10, Barracks, Area 8, Under Bridge, Waterboard Junction, Transformer etc


Jabi is a developed district in the Phase 2 area of Abuja and it is a good place to live in, for the high and middle class income earners , family and singles.

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