Stakeholders Emphasize Inclusive Energy Goals as Nigeria Celebrates World Energy Day Today. In a concerted effort to underscore the imperative of a unified and empowered Nigeria in the energy sphere, stakeholders converged at an event commemorating the 2023 World Energy Day organized by the Nigerian Association of Energy Economics in Abuja. Sponsored by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), the event’s theme, “Energising Nigeria’s Future: Bridging Energy Aspirations and Realities,” resonated throughout the discussions.

Acknowledging the strides made by the government toward energy transition, stakeholders emphasized the need for comprehensive action while affirming that more remains to be accomplished. Professor Yinka Omorogbe, President of the Nigerian Association of Energy Economics, emphasized the crucial role of an energized Nigerian youth cohort in the nation’s economic growth.

Highlighting the significant representation of the youth in Nigeria’s populace, Omorogbe stressed the necessity of their inclusion to propel the nation’s economic trajectory. She asserted the indispensability of an optimized energy mix to power the entire nation, underscoring the event’s theme that necessitates addressing current realities alongside aspirational goals.

Present-day realities demand our attention. Currently, half of Nigeria grapples with no access to electricity,” Omorogbe emphasized. “Our downstream energy products exhibit inadequacy, with Nigeria functioning as both a substantial producer and a prominent importer. Furthermore, a mere 20 percent of the country utilizes clean cooking fuel, indicating a significant gap.”

While acknowledging these disparities, Omorogbe highlighted the business opportunities inherent in addressing these challenges. “This deficit presents promising prospects for business-minded individuals. Government officials have an exceptional opportunity to foster a conducive environment, paving the way for Nigeria’s advancement in these critical areas,” she articulated.

The discussions during the event underscored the pressing need for concerted efforts towards inclusive energy solutions that bridge existing gaps and unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth in Nigeria’s energy landscape.